Hello – Let Me Introduce Myself

Have you ever read a book and there is one line that jumps out at you like an omen or warning.  In her book,  The Last Days of Dogtown, Anita Diamont,  had that one line that screamed:  “If you are going to do it, you must begin”.

She WAS talking to me about pursuing a dream to write short stories, essays and humorous articles.  The last two years have been attempts to write or attempts to paint or simply attempts.  Much of my time is spent writing or thinking about writing.  Today, I am doing — establishing a blog as a way to improve my writing.

And so I begin.  Hope you enjoy or at least walk away with something to think about.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Longislandpen  has attended college, workshops, belongs to writing and book clubs.  She written financial articles for the Contra Costa Time and Diablo Magazine, job descriptions, flow charts, financial recommendations and letters.  Her career in the investment field included public speaking and business meetings.

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  1. If it’s any help to you, I’ve found that the grinding routine of having to write to make money – in journalism for me – is the best training there is. When people write about waiting for their muse, I feel sorry for them that they’ve never had that training of having to write however you feel. So it seems to me that you’ve got a good start by doing all the writing you describe.
    The Muse can’t come if you’re not sitting there using your fingers!
    So Diamont was right – just do it!!!!Good Luck


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